The Pathway To Perfect Vision

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Where some people are born with a genetic tendency toward bad eyesight, others develop bad eyesight over time. Environmental and lifestyle factors, such as staring at a computer, pollution, and poor lighting, combine to create eyesight issues in millions of Americans. Luckily, getting prescription glasses is easy and affordable. Getting them as quick as possible is important, as additional strain in your eyesight may exacerbate your vision problems.

Visit the Optometrist

As soon as you notice that you’re having trouble seeing, either up close or far away, schedule an appointment with an optometrist. They can determine whether you are suffering from nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (presbyopia), or another visual problem. After finding your specific vision strength, they will write you a prescription for contacts or eyeglasses.



Choose Your Frames

Now comes the fun part. You can take your prescription to an eyewear store and browse through the hundreds of available frames. You may be surprised to see that many of the frames are created by the fashion industries top designers. In fact, frames come in so many styles, colors, and shapes, that you may spend the afternoon searching for your favorite pair. Don’t panic. You can find cheap eye glasses, which will often allow you to buy several pairs. Now you can coordinate them with your favorite outfits. Make sure that you find the perfect frames that are a reflection of your personality. You want to be able to wear your frames with confidence. An eyewear specialist will help you to find a pair of frames that will look good with your unique face shape and structure. While frames come in different shapes, such as oval, round, square, and aviator styles, you can find the shape that will compliment your personal facial features.


Perfect Vision

Finally, you are able to see things you’ve never thought possible. The world may look a little different to you now. Details will begin to emerge from things that you look at every day. For many, it is amazing to be able to experience the world. While wearing your new glasses may allow you to see life with greater clarity, it may also come with certain side effects in the beginning.

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Side Effects

When people suffer from vision problems, their eyes and muscles strain in order to compensate for their poor vision. Their eye muscles have assimilated to operating in a tightened state as they squint to see clearly on a regular basis. Now that you have your prescription glasses on, your eyes are able to see clearly without having to squint. Your eye muscles will take some time adjusting to being in a more relaxed state. At first, this can cause you to experience headaches, dizziness, light sensitivity, and sore eyes. If these headaches persist, however, you may want to contact your optometrist. You may also experience soreness around the ears and on the side of your head. Although this is common as your face acclimates to wearing your frames, you may want to have your glasses readjusted if the discomfort persists.

Even though it may take some time for you to get used to seeing yourself wearing glasses, you’ll enjoy being able to see clearly. Soon, you won’t know what you did before you had your glasses.